The Team

Navneet is a seasoned programmer and loves football. His idea of a weekend involves good food, a football match and all the madness that comes with it. Focused and driven regarding his work, he thinks and implements for all of us. A programmer by qualification and a fan by default.

Sheetanshu  is the task master at Limit Infinity. His ideas and innovation have gotten us through times good and bad. Cheerful and happy, he likes his food hot and wants a lot of it. His relation with food though doesn’t come anywhere near the commitment and effort he puts in his work. His love of management keeps the team fit and functional.

Jatin is a programmer by heart and football lover by habit. From EPL to the Champions League and even in games, his interest is unfatigued. By his own admission he has got the most love for Food, Football and good sleep. Working in close rapport with Navneet and the rest of team, he’s the one throwing the pranks around.

Ojas is a writer and football fan. In between these things, he also aspires to understand how people think and make choices. Marketing and good food make him go through the day. Champions League matches make up his dreams.

Karan decided to join the team after his masters because of a shared passion for football. Usually, a calm personality to be around, he does a lot of important work that keeps the team well fed and happy. Group conversations with Karan are about football and football, in no particular order.